Wataniya eDirectory data for download (1-10-2013)

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Update 16-Feb-2015

Since writing this post Wataniya Maldives was re-branded as Ooredoo Maldives.


This is the Wataniya Telecom Maldives’ e-directory compiled using data publicly available on www.wataniya.mv as of 1st October 2013.

This contains 79,432 unique Wataniya mobile numbers and their details. I expected there would be more mobile numbers in the e-directory however this smaller number might be due to unlisted mobile numbers and mobile broadband numbers being omitted from the e-directory.

This file is in tab delimited text format and can be imported into virtually any database or spreadsheet software. The first column is the mobile number and the second column contains its details including customer name, address and island.



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