About Me

Hi there!

My name is Arushad Ahmed and I’m from the Maldives.

I graduated from University of St. Andrews in 2023 with MSc in Artificial Intelligence and I graduated from The University of Nottingham Malaysia in 2016 with a Bsc (Hons) Degree in Computer Science.

In 2016, I co-founded at Javaabu, a technology firm based in the Maldives. I am currently the CTO of the company.

I like the challenge of coding and I’ve learned bits of VB, C, C++, Java, Haskell, Prolog, PHP and Python along the way. I have much experience in Web Development, especially in Laravel and WordPress. I have taken some interest in Image Processing and dabbled a bit in Android app development as well. My current focus is on AI and Machine Learning applications, primarily in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Dhivehi.

I’m a hobby photographer/videographer and like to experiment with my Nikon D7000 D750. I occasionally share my work on Flickr and Instagram. I also meddle in CorelDraw, Photoshop and After Effects when I’m feeling a bit creative.

This blog is a means to share my thoughts and experiences with the world.

Hope you enjoy and benefit from my musings.

If you want to drop a line, try the contact page or use any of the channels below: