Freelance Web Design & Development

[note color=”#ffffd6″] Update 01-Jan-2021
All my web development work is now done through my firm Javaabu. Contact us for a good quote on the work you’re looking. This page is just left here for posterity.
[/note] [quote]Looking to get your business online? Want to start your own news website? Or just want a personal blog?[/quote]

I provide professionally designed websites customized to your needs. My websites are fully dynamic with full featured content management system. You can view my past work here.

Custom Made vs Theme based

Before starting the work of any website, I offer the client 2 options. Either a fully custom made website or one based on an already available theme.

Most of my websites are powered by WordPress and the themes I use are genuine premium themes chosen by the client. Even if the website is based on a theme, it will be customized according to the client’s wishes. The advantage of using an already available theme is that it will be cheaper and the work will be completed much faster. The downside is that the website might not be completely unique.

Custom made designs will be much more expensive and will take longer to complete. However it will ensure that you have a 100% unique website that exactly fits your specifications.

Additional Services

If you need them, I can provide you with domain names and web hosting with an additional charge. I am also an accomplished amatuer photographer (see my flickr page) and I can provide you with my photography and videography services to your website. Furthermore if you need graphic design services such as designing logos or ads, I can do that too.

Delivery Time

Most websites can be completed within a week. However it might take longer depending on the scale of the project or whether I have other pending work.


The price will depend on your particular needs. However I promise you its going to be reasonable and affordable with the most bang for the buck. Please contact me for a full quote.


You will be required to make an advance payment for me to start the work. You can pay the rest after the work is fully completed.