Star trails over Uligan windfarm

Well, after seeing some star trails photos on the net and after experimenting with it a couple of times I though it would be great idea to take photo of the stars moving over the uligan windfarm. Since this photo had to be taken in the pitch dark and the location in question is away from the main village, I wasn’t ready to go there alone. So I arranged with my uncle and sis to go with me. We packed some food and drinks as we would have to wait for a long time for the photo to be taken.

We went to the site around 10 pm and as said before it was pitch black but this provided a sky full of bright stars, the perfect conditions for a star trails photo. I setup the camera and took a few test shots and started the exposure. We waited on the beach, munching the food we brought and chatting away. After one hour the first shot was finished and it was great! I decided to setup the camera for another shot, this time under a single wind turbine facing up towards the sky and the stars. We waited again till the exposure was finished and this time also were rewarded with a great shot. Both the exposures were done for 30 minutes which is the maximum time my camera (Nikon D3000) allows for me using the remote control time method.

All in all it was a great experience but now this is starting to sound like the stories and compositions I used to write back in primary school and in o’levels. I don’t even study in English now and am thinking why the hell I’m making myself write this…. so better finish up now.

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