My GoPro has arrived!

Ten days ago I ordered a GoPro HERO3: Black Edition and a bunch of accessories for it from Amazon and eBay. Since the first package shipped on July 15th, I have been obsessively tracking them and in the process come up with a map of the routes they traveled.

View Gopro Route in a larger map

The blue route is the one taken by my Amazon package. It included:

The purple route shows the one taken by my package from eBay. It was just an IKEA Egg Timer that I bought as a rotating time-lapse mount for my GoPro. Initially I wanted to buy it from Amazon, however they were shipping it from Honk Kong and it was going to take 28 days to arrive. Therefore I opted for the eBay one which was shipping from the U.S itself.

Both packages were shipped to my address at Sarasota, Florida which is shown as the green marker on the map. The Amazon package which was shipped by a courier called Lasership was the first to arrive after 2 days on July 17th. The eBay package which was shipped through UPS a day later than the Amazon one, arrived on July 19th.

When both the packages arrived the good folks at MyUS were kind enough to consolidate them and ship them to Maldives on the same day. The journey from U.S to Maldives were taken up by DHL, shown as the yellow route on the map.

After 3 couriers, 7 days and more than 11,000 miles the package finally arrived today at doorstep in Male’!

Right out of the box!

All this just cost me $484 for the actual products and around $89 for shipping. So a grand total of around MVR 8,836. I think it’s a fair deal.



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