Living abroad for the first time

About 3 weeks ago I started studying BSc (Hons) Computer Science at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC). Due to visa problems I arrived 3 weeks late and it was kind of challenging at first to catchup on lessons.

Fortunately I already had an old Maldivian friend at UNMC who helped me fit in and get used to the place from day one. With his help I was able to get familiar with the campus and it’s culture within a couple of days.

The student body at UNMC is very diverse with students from nearly more than 80 countries. It was very fascinating to meet friendly, like-minded people from all over the world. Even with our vastly different cultures it’s nice to see all of us getting along and forming new friendships.

I’ve been very impressed with the facilities available at UNMC. There are social learning spaces, a fully equipped sports complex, research facilities and more, all available for students and faculty. The latest IT technologies are fully incorporated into the learning system. However I was initially let down by the internet speeds available at the resident hall I’m staying in, although it’s been a bit improved now.

Within the few weeks I’ve been here, I’ve met a ton of great people and made a lot of new experiences. I hope the future brings in more.

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