How to auto click ads on (BuzClick Auto Clicker)

For those of you who might not be familiar with, it is a Maldivian website which allows users to get paid by clicking ads on their website. How this works is business pay buzclick to get their ads listed on the website and buzclick in turn conducts a weekly draw among users who clicked these ads.

The rules of clicking ads are simple; you have to wait 15 seconds between clicks and you cannot click the same ad twice in a row. Each successful click is added to your account as a click count and this value is reset every week. Then every week, users whose click counts above 350 are selected for a lucky draw. The lucky draw is fully automated and a winner is selected every Sunday at 11:45 PM. The winner is eligible for a cash prize of MVR 1000.

First thing that came to my mind after learning about all this was that what if you wrote a simple script which automates the process of clicking ads. That’s just what I did and I have written a Greasemonkey script called BuzClick Auto Clicker which does that. You can download it here.

Step by Step

These are the steps to install the script on Firefox.

  1. First of all you will need Greasemonkey to install this script. If you already have Greasemonkey installed you can skip to step 2. To install Greasmonkey go to the Greasemonkey Firefox Add-ons. If you have never installed a Firefox Add-on before you can read this guide.
  2. After Greasemonkey is installed and enabled download the BuzClick Auto Clicker script from here. If Greasemonkey is running correctly you should see the following window.buzclick-1
  3. Click ‘Install’ and you should be shown a success message if everything went correctly.buzclick-2
  4. Viola! That’s basically it. You can now go to, login to your account and navigate to the Home page. If you already have the page open you might need to reload the page.

You can keep the browser minimized or open and the script will do the rest for you. You should be able to open other tabs and windows without affecting the process. However if you close the buzclick tab or the browser window, then the script won’t work.

The Code

Here I have included the actual script code for your reference. I won’t explain this code line by line but basically what it does is randomly click one of the ads every 20 seconds. I have specified 20 seconds to compensate for factors such as page load times.


One of the biggest limitations of this code is that it cannot distinguish whether the same ad was clicked right before. Even though this isn’t a major issue, occasionally the same ad might get clicked twice in a row. I was able to get 184 clicks after running the script for 1 hour 27 minutes. If the script had been successful all the time, I should have received 261 clicks in that period. So the success rate is around 70%.

Another limitation is the need for the browser to be open for the script to run. As the browser can be minimized this might not be that big an issue. However I would’ve preferred the script to run in the background as a service or something else to that effect.

Furthermore this script won’t work if decided to update their website to a new format. I would have to update the script if they did that.


As far as I know at the time of writing this, does not have a Terms of Use agreement which prohibits auto liking their ads. However I won’t be liable if you get banned from for using this script.

Also I tested this script only with Firefox version 20.0.1. Therefore I cannot guarantee you it is going to work with other browsers or other versions of Firefox (I would be glad if you tested this on other browsers and let me know about your results in the comments below.)


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