Happy New Year 2016!

It seems as if it has been only a few months since we were counting down for 2015. It’s amazing how time seems to fly by so quickly. Another year of our lives have passed and another year is upon us again. My 3 years at UNMC is about to come to an end soon. It’s only 6 months for me to become a graduate, In Sha Allah.

Personally for me 2015 had been a year of mixed feelings. I had a great start to the year with several awesome vacation trips, courtesy of my good friend Lamath’s travel planning prowess. My first trip of the year was to the historic city of Malacca. The next destinations were Port Dickson, Batu Caves and Ampang Lookout Point. The best experience was 3 days spent at the exotic Langkawi Island. The first half of my year was concluded with another memorable trip, this time to Phuket, Thailand. I had shot hundreds of photos and videos on these trips but even after a year I hadn’t gotten around to share them, hehe. I hope to post about them sometime later.

Summer holidays back in Maldives had been filled with work and the fanfare of “Minivan 50” golden jubilee of independence celebrations. Within those days my personal life had been filled with several tragedies as well as a few cherishable moments. I lost a close cousin of mine and I had inadvertently hurt someone dear to me. Despite some regretful decisions, 2015 was a truly learning experience.

Professionally 2015 had been mostly a great year for me. I was provided a great opportunity by one of my classmates to work on my first Android project. Since then I had worked on several apps, mostly targeted towards the Malaysian market. I had also expanded my web development portfolio by working on a couple of new websites. I had gained new skills developing with Laravel PHP Framework and published my first WordPress plugin. There were also some bad experiences too, with failing to deliver on some promises for a few projects.

As you welcome in the new year, take a moment to look back on my new year’s eve tradition of light painting. This year’s edition was filled with cool steel wool spinning by my friend Afrah. Many thanks to all my other friends who pitched in as well.

As the saying goes, life’s filled with ups and downs. 2015 had it’s own ups and downs as well. In Sha Allah, 2016 would be an opportunity to redeem ourselves and a year filled with happiness and prosperity.

Happy New Year 2016!

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