Welcome to the new arushad.org!

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog. A lot of stuff has happened since. Done my exams, flew back to Maldives,  got my results to name a few. Currently I’m at my island on my summer vacation with too much free time on my hands.

This refresh of my blog has been a long time coming. The previous design was only meant to be temporary but it turned out permanent as I couldn’t find the time to make a new theme. Anyway I’ve now found the time and after working hard for the past 4 days the new design is finally here.

This new design is modern and fully responsive, supporting most device sizes. I’ve opted for a minimalist design and much of the design inspirations were taken from the Story WordPress theme.

This theme is based on the Bootstrap 3.x CSS Framework which gives me all the responsive goodness that comes along with it. Apart from that I particularly love the new responsive parallax homepage slider which was made possible by code from here. I have also updated the Portfolio section to showcase projects categorically.

With this rebirth of my blog Insha Allah I plan to write more (more like less?) frequently. I hope that you like this new change.

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